Welcome Potential Exhibitors!  The Craft Fair application process is now open.  

  1. Please read the instructions and rules first.    
  2. If you would like a box lunch delivered on fair day, you must complete the lunch order form below and send it along with your application.  Be sure your check includes an additional $6 per lunch ordered.
  3. New exhibitors must submit photos, either electronically to ffacraftfairapps@gmail.com or by mail with your application. 
  4. Mail the completed application with your booth and lunch fee to BEHS FFA, P.O. Box 281, Brookfield, WI 53008-0281.  Please do not mail to the school as that box is not checked regularly.

As of September 5th, we still have 15 booths open for our craft fair.  However, we have plenty of jewelry vendors already, so we will only consider your jewelry application if your work is very unique.  No other types of crafts are limited as of now.  This info will be updated as it changes.

Please email us at brookfieldeastffa@gmail.com if you have further questions.


Exhibitor Application, Instructions & Rules