Fee prior to June30th

Fee after June30th

Single 12’ x6’


$  85.00


Double 24’ x6’

Side-by-side 12’x6’ booths in hall or fieldhouse.  First-come/first-serve.



Double Fieldhouse 12’ x12’

Fieldhouse only. Back-to-back 12’x6’ booths on floor or 12’x12’ against bleachers/walls. Priority given seniority & date ofapplication.



Craft Fair Booth Specifications

All booths are located on the ground floor of the school. We do give preference to previous exhibitors based on the date of their application and years with the fair, for applications received by June 30.  Electricity is available in a number locations, with the exception of booths in the center of the fieldhouse.  The only fieldhouse electricity is along the walls/bleachers.  Being that electricity is a popular commodity though, it is always best to apply early if you need it.  

If you are applying for the first time, you may only initially request a single booth, unless your items are quite large (furniture for example).  If you would like to ultimately have a double booth, please indicate so in the notes section of your application.  Closer to fair day, we will take a look at those requests and see if we can accommodate them.

Last year's booth map is posted below for your reference.