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Save the Date

 November 12, 2023

Welcome, 2023 Accepted Exhibitors!

​We are happy to have you as an exhibitor this year for our 48th Annual Brookfield East Holiday Arts & Craft Fair!  Booth Assignments will be available in Fall, 2023.

The Exhibitor Packet contains all the information you will need for fair day.  Please read through it before you come. 

  • Booth Assignments & Exhibitor Packet  (not yet available)
  • 2023 Booth Assignments - Alphabetical (not yet available)
  • 2023 Exhibitor Booth Map (not yet available)
  • 2023 Exhibitors by Location (not yet available)
  • 2023 Exhibitor Fair Day Instructions (not yet available)
  • 2023 Exhibitor Parking Instructions (not yet available)


Be sure to check out our Holiday Arts and Craft Fair FAQ. If you still have questions, email us at

Advertising Materials for the 2023 Holiday Arts and Craft Fair

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