Exhibitor Booth Specifications and Fees

​All booths are located on the ground floor of the school. We give preference to previous exhibitors based on the date of their application and years with the Fair. For new exhibitors, booths are assigned on a first come, first serve basis are the jury process.
If you are applying for the first time, you may only request a single booth. Returning exhibitors can request a double booth.

All exhibitors must provide their own tables, table covers, chairs, and change. A limited number of chairs will be available for rent during the show. A refundable deposit will be required. Electrical outlets in the hallways and fieldhouse are extremely limited. If you are dependent on electricity, make sure you have a battery option.

Booth Size
Fee prior to June 30
Fee after June 30
Single 12’ x 6’
Hallways, Fieldhouse
Double 24' x 6'
Side-by-side 12’ x 6’ booths in Hallways or Fieldhouse. First come, first serve.
Double Fieldhouse
Fieldhouse only. Back-to-back 12’x6’ booths on floor or 12’x12’ against bleachers/walls. Priority given seniority & date of application.


Link to a previous exhibitor booth map, for reference purposes only:

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 November 10, 2024

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