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 November 10, 2024

Holiday Arts and Craft Fair Exhibitor FAQ

​How do I apply to your Fair? 

The application instructions and rules are available on the Exhibitor Page on May 1. ​​Read through the application instructions and rules. Download the application to your computer, fill it out, print it and send it in with your fee. If you are a new exhibitor you will also need to submit photos for the jury process. The first jury will be mid-July. We encourage you to apply early because our Fair fills up very quickly.

How many people attend your Fair?

More than 3,500 people attend our Fair each year. 

What types of vendors do you allow?

As an organization committed to the arts, all items sold at our Fair must be handmade by the vendor.  We do not allow any direct sales or resale. Our main categories include painting, pottery, photography, jewelry, floral, glass, soap, candles, woodworking, and fiber arts.  We do not support book sales (even if you wrote the book and self-published), items related to alcohol, or any items containing nuts (due to allergy concerns at the school).

Can I share a booth with a friend or buy the half booth next to me?

No new shared booth vendors will be considered. For previous vendors, we will occasionally allow half booths if space allows.  The most common instance of this is two vendors side by side who want to share a booth in between, giving them each a booth and a half.  We do not sell half booths.

What is a "creative process" photo?

​The creative process photo shows you making your art.  Whether you are at your kitchen table or in a fancy setting, we want to see you in that photo doing what you do - not just your supplies, or your hands, or a photo shopped person.  We are committed to a handmade show and we hope you are too.

I am new to craft fairs and don't have a photo of my booth.  What do I do?

There are two options here.  Set up a small mock display at home and send us a photo of it, or describe your intended booth set up. We just want to make sure that booths are tasteful in their presentation.

How long does the jury process take?

Our first jury process is mid-July, and then we have a jury process once a month until the Fair is full. We fill up quickly -- sometimes we are fully booked by August!

How will I know if I've been accepted or declined?

We will notify you via email about your acceptance status. Returning Exhibitors can expect a confirmation once we receive their completed application. For New Exhibitors, you will receive confirmation that your application was received and given a time-frame for the jury process.

I was accepted! What's my booth assignment?

Booth assignments are completed and posted on our website by October 31. Booth requests from prior year exhibitors are honored when possible. However, there is no guarantee you will be given your previous booth.

When is set up and do I need to bring my own tables and chairs?

Set up begins at 7:00 a.m. on the day of the Fair (we unfortunately are limited to this timing due to other school activities the day before the Fair). All exhibitors must provide their own tables, table covers, chairs, and change. A limited number of chairs will be available for rent during the show. A refundable deposit will be required.

Where do I park?

Doors are open to exhibitors starting at 7 a.m. You can park close to the door of your choice to unload your vehicle. Once your items are unloaded, you must move your vehicle to an off-site location. We know this is a hassle, but the Fair is extremely popular and we need every space available for shoppers. More details, including access to the free shuttle, will be provided at check-in.

I can't park off-site. What do I do?

Only exhibitors with state-issued Disabled Parking Identification Permit are allowed to park on-site in specially designated spots. If you have a state-issued Disabled Parking Identification Permit, please email ffacraftfairapps@gmail.com in advance to coordinate parking.

Is lunch available at the Fair?

New for 2024, lunches will be available to order the morning of the Fair. Please bring cash is you plan to order a lunch. 

Do you accept vendor walk-ins the day of the Fair?

Walk-in vendors are not accepted at our Fair.