Tuition Reimbursement

One of the goals of the Brookfield East Friends of Fine Arts is to help students further their education in the fine arts. To encourage participation, the Friends of Fine Arts offers to students and parents tuition reimbursement for a portion of approved honors groups and summer camps related to the arts. (See policy.)

Some of our Brookfield East students are members of MYSO or Main Street and have had a portion of fees reimbursed by the Friends of Fine Arts. Other students have attended music camps at UW-Green Bay, UW-Whitewater, and UW-Madison.

After qualifying for tuition reimbursement, Friends of Fine Arts can reimburse for up to half the cost, for events that occur the year following volunteer requirements.

Please see Tuition Reimbursement Policy for details. To apply, please complete the Tuition Reimbursement Form and email the completed form, including details of volunteer hours, to

Holiday Arts and Craft Fair Reimbursement

If you have incurred expenses as an FFA volunteer/Committee, please fill out the Craft Fair Expense Reimbursement Form and email the completed form to for approval.

Department Allocation Reimbursement

If you have are a department chair needing funds allocated, please fill out the Department Allocation Reimbursement Form and email the completed form to for approval.


Brookfield EAST

Reimbursement Forms